The Benefits of Working with a Luxury Presence Agent

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Why you should hire an agent who has partnered with a luxury real estate marketing company?

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One of the biggest perks of working with a real estate agent is their ability to market your property to the right target audience. A professional agent with the right experience will be able to identify who will be interested in your property and implement effective strategies to reach them via their website, paid advertising, social media, and other means. When you work with an agent who has partnered with Luxury Presence, you benefit from the many different types of marketing capabilities the company offers.


Paid Advertising on All Channels

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Expert Content Production

Content is one of the most powerful resources a real estate agent has to promote your property. Being able to create high-quality content such as video and copywriting is an essential tool that elevates the agents who use luxury real estate marketing services above their competitors. According to a recent survey, 85 percent of buyers and sellers want to work with an agent who uses video—and for good reason. An agent who uses video is able to connect with potential buyers on a deeper level and build trust and rapport. When they use video to market your property, they are showing viewers what it would really be like to walk through and live in your home—something that is much more difficult to do with a written description. However, written descriptions—or copywriting—is also important. Your property needs to be described in appealing and vibrant terms on the listing and on any additional marketing that is created to sell it. Those agents who work with Luxury Presence get access to experienced real estate copywriters who create blogs, website copy, and content marketing pieces that make your property attractive to potential buyers.

Effective Search Engine Optimization

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Recent research has shown that 44% of buyers found the home they purchased on the internet. Many of them simply googled the search terms that they wanted in a new home and started their search that way. For your home to show up in these types of searches, your real estate agent needs to use the right terms in your online marketing. The effective use of these terms is referred to as search engine optimization or SEO. The process of identifying and correctly using the right terms is a bit of a science—one that the SEO experts at Luxury Presence have mastered. When a potential buyer searches terms that match your home, your property will show up in the results and provide opportunities for the buyer to learn more.

Social Media Marketing

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Immersive Property Experience

Responsive Displays

Every real estate agent’s success starts with their website. If an agent doesn’t have a responsive, user-friendly website that is easy to navigate and provides an immersive experience for viewers who want to look at properties, they’ve already lost their advantage. Those agents who work with Luxury Presence have websites that are designed and managed by seasoned professionals who know what property buyers want. Their sites are designed to impress with virtual tour integration, HD video capabilities, and lead capture strategies that help agents sell your home. Agents are further supported by analytics reporting, SEO optimization, third party integrations, and a reporting dashboard to help them easily utilize their site and maximize its potential. An agent who is backed by a powerful website is one who can easily reach a niche audience, streamline the selling process, and ensure your home gets the best promotion possible.

A Powerful Network of Referral Partners and Fellow Agents


No matter how many powerful tools your real estate agent has at his or her disposal, sometimes word-of-mouth marketing is still the best way to sell a property. Agents who work with luxury real estate marketing services are connected with referral partners and a community of agents who can help them find the perfect buyer for your property. They can market your home specifically to individuals they’ve identified through their sources to be ready to purchase a home just like yours. This allows them to bypass traditional listings, saving both of you time, money, and unnecessary frustration. 17 of the world’s top 100 agents work with Luxury Presence, putting your agent in elite company that elevates them in both professionalism and influence. Choosing the right real estate agent is the most important decision you will make when you’re ready to sell your home. When you work with an agent who has partnered with Luxury Presence, you will be hiring one who has a powerful marketing team at his or her side.

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